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I started writing as a child because I lived on Jersey and it was really hard to get comic books so if I wanted new X-Men or Spider-Man stories I had to make them up. For a while I thought it was my destiny to be a comics writer (and I have done some) but after making a sketch for a film & literature class at uni I got to experience the intoxicating high of a room full of people laughing at my jokes and there was no turning back. 

In 2017 I had my script picked out from a pile of over 2,500 and was offered a place on the BBC Comedy Room. Under the tutelage of some of the UK's finest comedy minds I was taught the secrets of the UK comedy industry and since then I've got to work on radio sketch shows, panel shows, online sketches, interactive stories, Comic Relief and Children's TV. I even wrote something for an Eastenders spin-off once but it was deemed too funny and never saw the light of day. 

I'm a big fan of collaboration and I'm very at home in a writersroom or story conference and I can often be found co-writing with director around town James Kayler. If you fancy learning more or want to take part in a team-up for the ages then drop me a line!

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